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Endless World: Idle RPG is an RPG with an endless mode. You can freely move in the three dimensions and explore the vast world of Azuria. Every level has a unique theme, such as Greek mythology or Norse mythology, and you can enjoy the game’s unique atmosphere through beautiful graphics and detailed animations. You can meet guilds that specialize in different occupations, and strengthen your bonds with your guildmates through missions and events. Guild activities are extremely diverse, and you can enjoy the pleasure of creating strong guilds. ● Vast world of Azuria: Explore the vast world of Azuria. You can move freely in the three dimensions, enjoy the game’s unique atmosphere through beautiful graphics and detailed animations, and meet guilds that specialize in different occupations. ● Battle Clan: The game features clans, each of which has its own character. Clans come in 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 7v7, and 8v8, and you can enjoy the excitement of commanding a strong clan for battle. ● Multiplayer: You can play with your friends or other mercenaries from all over the world in multiplayer mode. ● Unit Features – Fully customizable building and decoration – Thousands of weapons and armors – Equip unique skills and items with different effects – Full 3D model buildings and decorations ● Daily Dungeons – Replayable and dynamic daily dungeons, which are full of strategy and mystery! – You can clear daily dungeons quickly and earn rewards. ● Additional quests to complete – Get additional quests to improve your gear, and level up more! ● Upgrade your equipment to improve your stats – Equip exclusive items to improve your stats in battle! ● Collect Gems and other rewards – Collect Gems to upgrade your equipment or to level up! You can also view the history of your items’ prices using the Gems window. ● High-quality items: ● The city has been rebuilt, with detailed 3D models and bright and varied graphics. ● Mount and flying unit functions have been added. ● A wide variety of additional quests has been added. ● A new motion engine has been implemented. (E.g.: Shuffling your bed, changing the weather, switching weapons.) ● Features have been added to improve your experience (additional effects and bonuses). ● The game’s graphics are fully customizable. ● A filter function for text has been added. (E.g.:


Features Key:

  • Best Of Taverns : style and sharpness of combat got a final upgrade.
  • Best Of Taverns : rarity of items for trading greatly increased.
  • Best Of Taverns : decorations got new hairstyles for each tavern.
  • Best Of Taverns : sounds are more pleasant for players.
  • Best Of Taverns : dungeon exploration got new adventures.
  • Best Of Taverns : 5 new potion recipes.
  • ✖ Blacksmithing
  • Best Of Taverns : introduction of the other world, dungeon exploration started.
  • Barbarous – Tavern Of Emyr Description:

    Barbarous - Tavern Of Emyr

    The Tavern of Emyr is the home of the baron of Withbarium, described also as the “Tavern of Oblivion” and is home of the greatest inventors in the wide world. The problems of the baron are not easy to solve and you¹re the only one able to help him. If you do so and the baron rewards your help, he will give you access to his Hideout.

    Due to the baron wealth, everybody is always busy and it is only a miracle if somebody manages to find some other age group and trades a rare item with the players. This will never happen, unless you invent something the baron wants so badly that he pays you for it.

    Also with the new tavern features there is a wide variety of crafting items. At the moment there are only 5 recipes, but soon I plan to add more:

    ? Blacksmithing and Mining

    ? Alchemy

    ? Cooking

    ? Great Weapon Artisan

    Each of those recipes is lengthy but


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    For Android 2.3.3 and up With Video Size 720x480p Video Size 960x540p Video Size 1280x720p With Audio Size 320kbps And all Android phones:1.5 and up ====Version Information==== Version:1.0 Date:Mar,28th,2012 Time:10:00 PM ====For Developers==== We’re quite a small team, and we still need your help and support. If you want to contact us, please feel free to email : [email protected] You can also see the website in ( For more games,please visit QMK Team! ====For Companies==== If you like this game,we will provide to you on your products, even if it’s just a brief mention. Though not any products,because we are a small team. But, if you like our team, and you really need our help,you can contact us at: [email protected] Thank you! ======Game Wallpaper====== We have a high resolution wallpaper for this game,you can take a look at it,hopefully it will give you a satisfying feeling! ======Contact Us====== 1.If you want to contact us, please email us: [email protected] 2.If you are our partner company,we will provide your company’s greetings on the play store,and we will also add your company’s description on our web page( hope it will give you a good understanding of your company. 3.If you want to chat with us,you can come to our Discord server at: ======Appreciation====== We are still a young team,we have only two months to create the game. We have contacted several game companies,and we have found that very talented game companies. Thanks to them,we can play with the game now. Thanks to the supporting of Google,we can finish the game without time limit. We also want to thank to the game players. Thanks to them,we can c9d1549cdd


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    Master Apocalypse is the first action RPG game in which you will be a member of an elite strike unit of the United States army. The Brotherhood of the Apocalypse was once an elite team of supersoldiers, an anonymous group of elite soldiers that operated under the veil of secrecy and passed their skills and memories on to other people when they retired. Then, suddenly, their super-soldier abilities faded away and no one knew why. Now, a new government organization requests the help of the Brotherhood to become a secret squad of super-soldiers to take down terrorists and the master minds behind terrorist operations. System Requirements: Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 64-bitThe daughter of Robert Creamer, one of the founders of American Democracy Project, and the chief organizer of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, traveled to Moscow in 2009 to meet with a former close ally of Vladimir Putin and then-Russian security services chief and now-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, during the height of the waning days of Obama’s presidency, according to internal records of the American Democracy Project obtained by Politico. In the documents, Creamer’s daughter was referred to as “EM” or “EMG,” a reference to the abbreviation for Emmeline Goodman, the nickname given to the daughter of Creamer’s longtime colleague Dick Morris, the former White House adviser to President Bill Clinton. “The AP (American Project) wants to travel to Moscow in September 2009,” a senior AP official named “Gary” wrote to a colleague, who was identified only as “Harry.” “EMG wants to visit her father, who will be at a foundation opening,” he continued. The AP is the parent organization of American Democracy Project, a for-profit firm that Creamer co-founded in 2009 to “effectively use top operatives to help elect Democrats and liberalize conservative states.” Robert Creamer resigned as the senior adviser to Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in February 2015 after a host of scandals came to light, including that he had continued his criminal activity as a partner at another lobbying firm, Democracy Partners. The American Democracy Project is not listed as a registered lobbyist with the House of Representatives. Creamer’s daughter was introduced to President Obama during the 2010 State of the Union address.


    What’s new:

      ia Sumomania is a Philippine music group formed in 2006 with members Pilita Corrales, Menchu Villaruz, Alyssa Valdez, Joey Ayala and Ginny Cruz. The group was composed of Villaruz and Corrales, as vocalists and dancers. Other former vocalists of the group, with the exception of Cruz, were actresses. Corrales was discovered by Randy Santiago, when she joined an Idol competition where she was the runner-up. Pilita Corrales and Menchu Villaruz, coined the “Muses” by Santiago, are credited with popularizing G-Pop or G-Kasi with an acronym of the term “Gay Ka-Sari” (pronounced “gay said-si”). They were lead vocalists of the band and is highly acclaimed for their live performances and musical styles. The group had their big break in 2007 with the music video of their debut single entitled “Biktima”. Their track garnered numerous nominations and awards and had over five million downloads in their first year online. Their second album “Ging-Ping” a collaboration between their songs from “Biktima” and “Kasama Ka” reached over a million in sales and became one of the biggest albums in the Philippine music industry. In 2008, Sumomania had inroads into mainstream music, after successfully signing with Viva Records. Sumomania disbanded in 2012 and has since reunited in 2014 to celebrate 10 years since the group’s inception. They released a new song entitled “Pagbabalot” which attained over a million downloads. Career Background Sumomania was originally designed as a tribute to the iconic television program S-Kam!, which was aired from 2005 until 2009. The original line-up of The Sumo Muses consisted of Pilita Corrales, Menchu Villaruz, Alyssa Valdez, Aileen Pilleng, and the late Ginny Cruz, all of whom represented the different S-Kam! characters. Their first song, “Biktima”, was recorded in 2006 for a music video competition held in Music Channel Philippines. The video was aired with 10 other videos by the week. The group’s first music video is a cover of K-Pao, an OPM song famously played during the makeover scene of the show. Pilita Corrales’ performance of the song earned her runner-up in the competition. The


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      TADO is a long-running game that originally launched in 1999, and was a graphic novel on a CD-Rom format before a virtual world was even a thought. However, TADO was always planned to be a persistent online world. The offline mode of the game, the Theatre of Digital Destruction, is still ongoing, and will most likely become a new game in a few years. TADO is a classic genre mash-up of action and role playing game. The genre blending is marked by the large outdoor world and the third-person viewpoint. You will travel the world exploring and doing quests. As you explore the land, you will meet local inhabitants and engage in conversation with them. Some inhabitants will offer you quests that will open up new character progression paths. You’ll receive quests through random events and can choose to accept or reject quests. Classic classes are available including Warriors, Mages, and Clerics, with variations of each. Players can train in these classes and pursue specialized paths such as Fighting Magic, Dark Magic, or Healing Magic, and earn experience based on their choices. At any given time, players can belong to a Guild, and together, you can form a party, creating a home base to share with and adventure together with your Guildmates. Some Guilds offer safe and controlled environments for character progression. Others are PvP-centric Guilds that have very clearly laid out quest lines for players to complete and diehard followers to protect. In Guilds, players are free to choose their own character classes and equipment. While completing quests, players can develop better equipment, improving their characters and extending their lives in order to help them conquer more quests. Equipping items that give bonuses, like Attack, Defense, or Health, allows players to improve their game experience on their character. Players can visit eachother’s houses, shops and public quest boards to help each other and ask for help for special skills or items. To support the emergent nature of TADO, players can join guilds, or team up in a party (up to four players) to take down quests together. Players with advanced skills earn experience by defeating monsters and completing quests. Upon completion of a quest, NPCs offer experience-based rewards. Multiplayer guilds are optional, but great for raiding dungeons and PvP events. Up to 30 players can battle in these encounters, helping each other and seeking out a challenging experience. Many races and cultures are available to choose from, and most of them use �


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    EQT IV EQT IV is a gas field in Northeast Greenland operated by Tullow Oil. It is the fourth of the four oil and gas fields operated by Tullow in Greenland, and discovered in 2009. The oil field is identified as Block 7.1, and covers a area. It contains of estimated recoverable oil, comparable to the much larger known North Pole Brent, a major producer of light oil. The fields are located in the NE part of the Hansgrøn area. By 2013–2014 the industry has moved to the NW of the area, away from the productive west shore areas, where the mean annual ice thickness is 40 metres, as thick as the Olduvai Gorge in Africa, and more than twice the depth the field is being drilled. As of 2015, EQT planned to drill a further 9 wells on the “West/Southwest Area” to test for oil (9 MOX wells, pumping water and natural gas to a GC-MS analysis pool) and 2 demonstration wells in a central area. The measure is part of the development plan of the new gas basins in northeast Greenland that is supported by the Ministry of Energy, Shell, Repsol, ExxonMobil and the U.S. Department of the Interior. According to the research results of E&G Technagas, the amount of gas reservoirs from north to southwest to the east shore of Nanasittartup by 2020 will increase dramatically. See also EQT I EQT II EQT III List of natural gas fields References Category:Oil fields in GreenlandClimate of Bolivia Bolivia is located in the middle of the subtropical zone, between the southern temperate zone and the tropical rainforest. The climate of Bolivia is characterized by the tropical monsoon climate. The country is situated in the Intertropical Convergence Zone and the rainy season begins in July, with decreasing temperatures in the mountains and increasing temperatures in the coast. The rainfall distribution is bimodal, with


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    Supported Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP2 System Type: Standalone RAM: 1 GB Intel i5 or equivalent; 2 GB or more Processor: Dual Core i3 Storage: 4 GB Tracks: 15 tracks (Percussion, Brass, Woodwind, Keyboards, Pops, String/Vibes) 65 GB Media Required A Note on the Label: There are multiple popular terms


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